Alexander Paul Dowerk's progressive metal project "ZweiTon" steps into the light 11 years after the highly acclaimed debut album "Form" with the crushing and multi-layered successor "Gestalt“. "Gestalt" is a testament to ZweiTon's continuous development and Alexander Dowerk's relentless drive to push the boundaries of the genre.

With a blend of raw energy, technical brilliance and astonishing musical depth, the album sets new standards. The biggest difference to the debut album is that Alexander Dowerk himself picks up the microphone and expands the intricate, highly complex riffs and melodies with catchy and powerful vocals and German lyrics.

But the album is more than just a demonstration of musical virtuosity. It is also a profound and emotional work that takes listeners to the darkest corners of human society. Inspired by life in Berlin, the lyrics tell of the loss of identity in the masses, dehumanization by corporations, toxic masculinity with the compulsion to physically rearm, as well as self-destructive ecstasy. All guitars and bass tracks were played by Dowerk himself on his 8-string Touch guitar with a wide variety of techniques. From brutal guitar riffs, punchy bass lines and virtuoso finely crafted leads, the enormous range of the instrument is demonstrated here.

Dowerk is supported on the album by Troy Jones on drums, who thrashes his way through the songs with brutal energy and sophisticated breaks. On six of the nine songs, we hear Jaime McGill (Loafing Heroes, No Nebraska) on bass clarinet, who adds another interesting timbre to the multidimensional work. In the last piece, "Glaube", theremin sorceress Carolina Eyck weaves ethereal sound fibers.

Markus Reuter and Benjamin Schäfer from the Horus Sound Studios are responsible for the detailed mix. Reuter has been working with Dowerk for decades in various productions and both also play together in the band Anchor and Burden, which released their album "Kosmonautik Pilgrimage" on Moonjune Records earlier this year. Benjamin Schäfer was also involved in the sound of Dowerk's album "Van Halo" with the math/unicore band Blast Unicorn.

"Gestalt" was mastered by Lee Fletcher, who is again characterized by his masterful warm and detailed sound.

Svetlana Atorina is responsible for the hand-illustrated artwork, which is the perfect visual analogy to the multi-layered music with it’s enormous depth of detail.

With this album, ZweiTon has created an impressive balance between brutality and empathy. It's an album that challenges and rewards listeners, captivates them and won't let them go. ZweiTon's new album is a must for every fan of progressive metal and for anyone looking for intense, innovative and emotional music.

It's an album you won't soon forget.